Previous Layouts

Lake Grim. Xynatla

Title: Lake Grim. The Mystery.
Version: 5.0.
Time: 27.07.2006 - 24.05.2008

So far the only layout that was entirely mine. Based on one of my digital art pieces and sporting hand-written logo and menu, Lake Grim may be considered one of the best versions of Xynatla. I changed it solely because it was too small for modern resolutions and the menu was hard to read.

Lichtermeer. Xynatla

Title: Lichtermeer.
Version: 4.0.
Time: 01.06.2005 - 27.07.2006.

My precious golden one, I got so accustomed to it. However, it didn't look good in Firefox and Mozilla... and I wanted to use php. The first four versions were pure html and a bit of css, but it was all messed and shame-bringing.

Derdrenai. Catty Dhuaine Portfolio

Title: Mystic Cat.
Version: 3.0.
Time: 03.01.2004 - 01.06.2005

Layout that survives very very long. But it was so simple that I had to change it for representational purposes. Unfortunately, I got used to it.

Kyerlinn Domain

Title: Celtic Cross.
Version: 2.0.
Time: 26.12.2003 - 03.01-2004.

Layout that died very very quickly. At the beginning, the portfolio was melted in one with Kyerlinn Domain site, now called the Xortain Universe. However, I decided I prefer separate sites. So it was.

Kyerlinn Domain

Title: ?
Version: 1.0.
Time: 19.12.2003 - 26.12.2003.
Server: PC.

A screen got lost somewhere. It had odd grave in the middle and was really awful. I haven't even shown it in the Net.