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Xynatla.Net downtime
17 Mar 2011

The domain Xynatla.Net is changing registrars. There's quite a mess with it, as the original registrar split into two companies and to top it nobody in my country offers Whoisguard (yep...), so administrative contact is all messed up, etc. So far both companies (yeah) have been surprisingly helpful, so I hope the transfer will go smoothly :) Either way may be down for a couple of days.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
X.Net redesign official
04 Mar 2011

Version 6 of Xynatla has lasted for nearly 3 years. While it proudly did not break in newer browsers, it starts to show its age. It uses several outdated solutions and the code really isn't something that I would like to show to anyone. :p It's official: the new version is coming. (Finally.)
Most of the changes will be from development side of things. The layout has to be adapted to wider resolutions (goodbye 800x600) and content of the site will be reorganized, but overall don't expect something completely new. :)

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Fanlistings - adopting out
20 Dec 2010

I will be adopting out some of my fanlistings in January 2011 (from six to ten, various categories, including Objects, Literature and Web/Computer Miscellany). KIM list gets first dibs :)

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
code donations and KIM
15 Jul 2010

I've got your mail ^^; I have been really busy recently and all fanlistings files are stored on external drive... but I KNOW about you and I WILL process the codes and forms, so don't worry :)

Plus I may adopt out some fanlistings soon... Xynatla.Net is going to change somewhat after I'm done with Master's Thesis.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
spam problems
07 Sep 2009

My spam filter has started to mark generated mail as spam. Enth stuff is no problem (unless there are comments which need replying), but some feedback forms ended up in spam folder too. I retrieved what I could see amidst all this replica watches and porn junk, but if I haven't replied to your form yet - please send me an e-mail. Sorry for inconveniences ^^;

Dhuaine Kyerlinn

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