Site Information

The Collective

The site started on 28th of December 2003 as my eight project, since 23th of March 2004 in English version. As the time went by, it also changed its names: from Kyerlinn Domain to Derdrenai, and then to Xynatla. Polish translations were dropped in version 5.0. Xynatla is a collective - with information about all my sites and containing also notes about greater updates, start of new projects and fanlistings and noting milestones in my Internet history.
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The Domain

I have always preferred domains serving their initial purposes, so no .org or .com for me. It' been clear from beginning that my domain would be .net domain.
Xynatla is a creation of mine, a semi-concious world travelling randomly through Xortaine multiverse. Quite monstrous, I reckon, but proper - humble secondary school project transformed into nearly full-time fanlisting-making, forum-modering and so on, not to mention making me study Computer Science.
The domain Xynatla.Net was purchased on August 23rd, 2006 via LiveNet.Pl, as was the current server.