I'm a steadfast, concise person. My hobbies tend to last at least a few years. Some may call me boring... and it's true that I don't change that much. Sure I can be moody, but I'm rather logical and stable in long run.


Song of Ice and Fire. Vampire of the Mists. Ravenloft. Elric of Melnibone. King's Blades. Last Herald-Mage Trilogy. Lies of Locke Lamora. The Witcher. Elenium and Tamuli. Witch World Series. Garrett P.I. Domenic Jordan. Fragile Things.


Muse. Rhapsody of Fire. The Verve. Aerosmith. Lake of Tears. Castlevania soundtracks. Jethro Tull. Within Temptation. Queen. David Bowie. Modern Talking. Aerosmith. Hellsing Soundtrack. Loreena McKennitt. Gregorian.

Movies, Games and Manga

Devil May Cry 3. Action movies. Naked Gun. Crimson Spell. Devil May Cry manga. Viewfinder. Labyrinth 1986. Silly comedies. Hellsing. Wolfenstein 3D. Robin Hood. Yaoi.


Labyrinth 1986. Devil May Cry. Nightrunner. Song of Ice and Fire. Castlevania. Harry Potter. Valdemar.


Angst. Fanfiction. Original fiction. Mystery. Supernatural. Lanterns. Red. Indigo. Violet. Black. Cats. Candles. CSS. Elaith Craulnobur. Books. Multimedia computing. Rock music.