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1. You have to like rock crystals, of course.
2. You have to possess valid e-mail address.
3. You don't need to have a site.
4. However, if you feel like listing it here, upload a code joining the fanlisting. And remember - no hotlinking!
5. If you prefer a text link, tell me about it in comment box.
6. If the link is hard to find (text link / hidden fanlistings page / non-English site / non-Polish site), please instruct me how to get to it.
7. No porn / hate / anti-female sites.


I was shocked how little rock crystal images can be found on Web! Any donations are very welcome! E-mail in affiliates section.
Donators so far: Carol

50 x 50


75 x 50


88 x 31


100 x 35


100 x 50


31 x 88