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Muse: Absolution fanlisting
30 Jul 2008

Finished fanlistings:
- Muse: Absolution [Albums]
Weird layout included. Appropriate changes to fanlistings collective were made.

Upcoming fanlistings:
- Within Temptation: Enter [Albums]
- Castlevania Curse of Darkness OST [Games]
- Making: Candles [Hobbies/Recreation]

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
no moar yahoo! messenger
28 Jul 2008

I had to uninstall Yahoo! Messenger. It's total rubbish and I had infinite problems with the thing, including connection issues, offline messages not delivered, status craziness, and - finally - freezing my antivirus. I probably won't install it again as long as there are other alternatives, for Gods' sake.
I am still MSN-less, so sorry, no IMing. However, I will have my msn back in a month or so.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
huge delays
10 Jul 2008

I have permanent backlog in messages and redesigning stuff. I have only 3-4 hours daily to spend on Internet, and I'm usually dead tired and I don't even see the screen very well... I have absolutely no idea when it will be over. I don't want to talk about the reason in public, but it's family.
Sorry for late replies etc. Fanlistings have priority, dA messages.are at the opposite end of the to-do list.
Please note: if you sent me an e-mail and I haven't replied, please send it again. I was offline in June and did my best to answer everything, but I might have missed something, especially if it ended in spam folder.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
almost back
25 Jun 2008

However, I will be officially back after Euro 2008, which means July.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
mostly offline
10 Jun 2008

I'm studying to Microelectronics exam so I'm offline nearly all the time. Wish me luck... I'll be back on June 26th or so.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn

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