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11 Sep 2008

Redesigning fanlistings collective spurred some creative juices in me...
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Making: Candles [Hobbies/Recreation]
- Mousse: Chocolate [Food/Drinks]
- Boiled Eggs [Food/Drinks]
Haha! I haven't expected to be approved for both of these Food fanlistings! I'm a happy person now.
(If you wonder why Making Candles is still on upcoming - I have to make proper layout for it!)

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Fanlistings Collective - revamped!
09 Sep 2008

My fanlistings collective, XDesires is back and open to business. The name was changed from Pretty Things to Forbidden Fruit (yeah... cheesy as ever) and will most likely stay that way. The site uses SiteSkin now, so any new design will be added simply as skins.
Current and upcoming fanlistings lists are powered by Enthusiast while previous script was modified to show only closed fanlistings, displaying the info from main collective database.
There's also bright new php mail form for Keep-In-Mind list.
Both fanlistings collective and main collective are up-to-date now when it comes to fanlistings.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Fanlistings Collective - downtime
06 Sep 2008

XDesires is closed for redesign. It's the first time I'm trying to configure enth collective and it sucks...

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Curse of Darkness OST FL
31 Aug 2008

Fanlisting for Castlevania: Curse of Darkness OST finally got a proper layout, and it's one of my best creations, I'd say.

Upcoming fanlistings:
- Making: Candles [Hobbies/Recreation]

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Within Temptation: Enter fanlisting
12 Aug 2008

Finished fanlistings:
- Within Temptation: Enter [Albums]
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Castlevania Curse of Darkness OST [Games]
- Making Candles [Hobbies/Recreation]

Dhuaine Kyerlinn

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