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Mysteries Untold Contest
25 Feb 2009

deviantART news! I am currently holding a photomanipulation / digital mixed media contest, with theme Mysteries Untold. It was thought as a challenge of sort - the primary rule is not to use human stock. I and several other deviants were very curious what people would create and/or vote for if human models were not available, and after a while I decided to host a contest with this rule. For more info please check this journal. All updates will be posted on my deviantART page.
The contest ends on April 26th. Everybody's more than welcome!

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Ye Great Fanlist Update
25 Feb 2009

I just realized I've never submited news about two great fanlistings (must have been too excited): Photomanipulation and JPG's. Both Layered Reality and Imagery Flourish use skins and even have two skins available as of now (gasp!). I'm rather proud of their primary layouts - a good deal of effort and time went into each, with satisfying results.
I have also been approved for two new fanlistings, one of which is my major wishlister. I still can't believe I got picked!
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Fanfiction: Adult [Fan Works]
- Quartz: Smoky [Nature]

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Cross-Browser FL
31 Jan 2009

I've got caught up with winter exams... quite a lot of them... but fortunately now I'm in the middle of two-day break before next one. It'll go entirely for upcoming fanlistings, it seems.
Cross-Browser means a site is compatible with hopefully all browsers available (in reality it means it's viewable in most browsers). It's a goal I've been aiming at ever since I started to think seriously about webdesign. The html vs xhtml coding is not important, W3 validation means nothing; I still check my sites in IE, Firefox and Opera to see if they are compatible. Chrome and Safari thankfully are similar to those enough not to require installation. The thing that causes most problems is IE6... blasted spawn of satan.
This is prolly the most colorful layout I've ever made. At first I went with subdued palette for text formatting, but it looked too fragile, so I arrived at these bold colors. Hope they work well.

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
11 Jan 2009

I officially beat my last speedo record with this fanlisting.
Saturday 3.21pm: getting approved.
Sunday 2:43am: finished!
Hah. Approval for stock.XCHNG got me off my rocker. Seriously, this site is a life saver. Where would I be without unrestricted stock? Oh come on, morguefile and imageafter are both smaller and have unfriendly and slow interfaces. is the one with best quality and quantity. Love it.
Here: creativity_den.
I tried to make the layout use similar patterns as website without ripping the design off (as I've seen other fanlistings do). That was a nice experiment... I like it.
Upcoming fanlistings:
- JPGs [Computer Miscellany]
- Cross-Browser Compatibility [Computer Miscellany]

Dhuaine Kyerlinn
Taste of Tradition FL
22 Dec 2008

Fanlisting for my favorite dish - spaghetti carbonara - is finally finished! Here - Taste of Tradition. Gotta say I'm proud of the codes.
No upcoming fanlistings!

Dhuaine Kyerlinn

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