Internet Biography

I started in February 2002 with Kyanire, small site with fantasy books reviews, created specially for education proposes, that means Computer Science HTML project. However, I grew fond of webdesign and soon Kyanire (originally: Ceaneere) transformed into full-time fantasy portal.
Naturally, my site was hosted on free hosting website with basic features; I've always been lazy and in my lazyness decided to get a weblog. At first it was meant to be Kyanire news archive; then it became a normal blog, and Kyanire no longer exists. Lack of time and few visitors killed the Library.
Weblog layouts? Why not. Gothic Crypt appeared on the Net as a collaborative with Iniv Aurely, only to go on hiatus after nine months. That wasn't what I really wanted to do. I treated weblog layouts as html and graphics practice, and when I decided my skills were decent enough, I quitted the project. Gothic Crypt died soon after that.
Message board? Loreydine Yil, golden and precious. Somewhat. Loreydine forums thrived for two years; now they are mostly devoid of life. People have lives and move on to new things. I met wonderful people via Loreydine; I still have contact with most of them.
Fanlistings! Ideal little thingies, to play with graphics and coding, and to watch memberlists grow longer and longer. They were my free-time passion for two years. I enjoyed creating layouts, coding them, playing with pretty effects... Moving into graphic design department.
In June 2006 one of my friends challenged me to make a photomanipulation. I've developed basic skills needed for that via my layout experiments, so I gave it a try... The result was decent enough to get me sucked into this genre of art. Over following months, I drifted more and more into deviantART community. I updated my fanlistings, of course, but didn't start more.

As of May 2008, I am both webdesigner and photomanipulator. I have mostly decided what I want to do - webdesign, post-processing, front-end design, be it for Internet systems, software, or books and CD covers. My studies are quite demanding, forcing me to limit my activity in the web. Nowadays I'm more of a customer than contributor to what is floating in the Internet. I don't plan more sites - maybe a couple of fanlistings. I'm going to stick with art, fantasy literature, and naturally Xynatla Network. Coding is still fun - sometimes even better than graphics - so it will all sum up as equilibrium... I hope.