My accounts on various sites across the net.
Please note that not all my activities are listed here. I have joined many forums but I don't post very often. I have FanFiction.Net account but write only reviews. I created profile but forgot to install scribbler on my new PC. I play on-line rpgs but don't want to advertise them. My weblogs are not public, so there is no reason in linking them. Some things are not important enough to deserve being mentioned here.

Message Boards

You may contact me via PM on these boards, but I reserve the right to reply with huge delay. However, I log in nearly every day on sites on which I am a staffer.

Art and Design

  • DeviantArt - photomanipulator, surreal artist - 14.06.2006 - English.

On-line Games

Recommendation Systems

  • Biblionetka - user - since 2005 - Polish.
  • GenieLab - user - since 2005 - English. Not used anymore.
  • SoundFlavor - user - since 2005 - English. Not used anymore.
  • - user - 25.07.2006 - English.
  • GoodReads - user - since February 2008 - English.

Other Thingies

  • IMood - user - since 2003 - English.