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>> Vampire of the Mists

VotM was written in 1995 by Christie Golden. Action takes place in Ravenloft, Realm of Dread, in Barovia domain. The plot features an gold-elven vampire from Abeir-Toril (Forgotten Realms), Jander Sunstar, seeking the truth about life of his love, possessed Anna (Tatiana).
However, it is not an ordinary ickle story about love or bloody vampire hunter horror. Golden plays with the words, revealing whole game of emotions and forcing the reader to go through katharsis. Everybody who read VotM admit they got changed; Golden makes us understand a dead vampire and, oddly, appreciate the gift of life.

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VotM is about feelings, not blood. I decided not to scan the cover, but create something more... mystical? Calm and yet disturbing?
The image of the forest was sent to me by a friend.
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