Welcome to creativity _ den, a fanlisting for royalty-free stock site, stock.xchng. SXC.HU offers photos and ilustrations free of charge for both commercial and personal projects, as long as it is not intended for million-copies sale. Some images need permission from the stock artists while more lenient licenses do not require even crediting or notification. Either way, stock.xchng is a powerful collection of raw stock with great potential.
This site is a fanlisting: small non-profit website made by a fan to gather other fans of a particular subject, be it a book, movie, etc. Creativity _ den is in no way affiliated with stock.xchng or any other related parties.
This fanlisting is listed in Websites: Web Resources category at TheFanlistings.Org. It was opened on January 11th, 2008 as a part of Forbidden Fruit fanlistings collective.

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