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Welcome to Layered Reality, a fanlisting for photomanipulation. Photomanipulation is a form of digital art where graphic editing software is used to combine photographic elements, rendered graphics, and painting into a new image that does not bear close resemblance to original (and sometimes bears no resemblance at all), as opposed to simple retouching, overpainting, etc.
This site is listed in Arts and Design category. This fanlisting was adopted on January 25th, 2009 from Stilla and now is a part of Forbidden Fruit fanlistings collective.
A fanlisting is a small non-profit site gathering fans of particular subject - book, person, activity, object - from all over the world - for purely entertainment purposes. Browse TFL.Org for more information.

Site Information

Script used: Enthusiast.
Last updated: 07th August 2018.
Member count: 122.
Pending members: 0.
Newest members: Carla.
Main graphics: Lights at Midnight (LARKS Project #1).
Specific credits: stock.xchng, ro-stock, spiritsighs, FrozenStarRo.
Brushes: Opacity, One.
Textures: Hybrid Genesis.
All rights reserved. No part of this website, image or text, is to be reproduced in any form without my explicit written permission.
Previous owner: Stilla.
Webmiss: Dhuaine Kyerlinn.


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Current skin: Project Larks.

 Verdure  Project Larks

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Wanna be one? Please write to me at dhuaine[] with subject "Photomanipulation FL affiliate".

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