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Welcome to the fanlisting for Lanterns! A fanlisting is a small site gathering fans of some object, actor, book etc. Internet community. And a lantern... duh, everybody knows how the thing looks like ^^

[x] Site information

Subject: lanterns.
Category: Miscellaneous / objects.
Approved: TFL.Org and PCF.
Start: August 3rd, 2005.
Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 24th July 2018
Member count: 59
Pending members: 0
Newest members: Dhuaine
Layout version: 1.2.
Credits: marcviln and tuonela.
Owner: Dhuaine Kyerlinn.
Homepage: Xynatla.

[x] Rules

1. You have to like lanterns! Yeah!
2. You have to possess valid e-mail address.
3. If you feel like listing your site, please paste one of the codes somewhere and instruct me how to find it. No hotlinking!
4. If you prefer a text link, explain in comment box where it is.
5. No porn / hate / anti-female sites.

[x] Codes 

50 50


88 31


100 35


Donated by November Rain:

31 88


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[x] Affiliates

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