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Absolute Loyalty

You have just found a fanlisting for excellent King's Blades Series by Dave Duncan.
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Tales of the King's Blades Fanlisting

I have been running fanlist for Tales of the King's Blades since January 2005. However, I waited impatiently till first ocassion to purchase Chronicles of the King's Blades, as they were not translated to my mother tongue. Having finally bought, read, and wholly enjoyed it, I allowed myself to think about more general fanlisting. Thus, on August 28th, 2006 I got approval for King's Blades Series, as consisting of Tales and Chronicles, without King's Daggers.

However, I decided that it would be unfair to close the Tales fanlisting in favour of King's Blades - the second trilogy wasn't published in many countries - and applying for Chronicles would be unfair for future/maybe/would-be webmasters willing to have a Blades' fanlist.
Concluding, you may choose Tales or general King's Blades fanlist to join. Thank you!

Fanlist Statistics

Title: Absolute Loyalty.
Subject: King's Blades Series by Dave Duncan.
Category: Literature.
Start: January 8th, 2005.
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